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Online Video Poker

Online video poker is growing quickly in popularity and can be found in many varieties at online casinos. Other popular gambling site can be found here at website. The jackpots for this casino game can be huge, and video poker has one of the lowest house edges to be found.

Game Play

If you're new to video poker, look for free video poker opportunities to help you hone your skills. It is becoming popular among online casino players online. Video poker online can often be played with the casino's money by using bonus offers, such as the new player bonus. This game does require a bit of skill, so it's a good idea to practice your strategies without investing any money before you start to play with real bets. The best hand for each game depends on the variety you're playing. It's helpful to know that four-of-a-kind hands come up about once in every 500 spins if you're playing without a wild card. Live online casino games are also gaining popularity online.


Video poker comes in as many variations as standard poker. Though the method of dealing each hand is similar to online slots, the goal of each game follows standard poker rules as to which hands are most desirable. Some varieties of this game that you may find online include the ever-popular Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and multi-play poker. In multi-play games, you'll find 5 play, 10 play, 50 play, 100 play and 200 play options.

With a bit of practice, video poker can be a very lucrative game. Unlike jackpot slots which pay out at 95-97%, video poker slots often pay out at 99%. With a little practice and attention to strategy, video poker can be paying off for you in no time. Looking for another online casino site to play video poker? Try Mybet casino.